2 Reasons To Make Your Own Vape Juice

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2 Reasons To Make Your Own Vape Juice

13 October 2017
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Making your own e-liquid or vape juice is becoming increasingly popular among individuals that utilize vape pens or e-cigarettes, mostly due to the fact that making your own vape juice is a great way to customize your vaping experience to your exact tastes and requirements. Listed below are two reasons to make your own vape juice.

It Allows You To Experiment With Flavor Combinations

One of the most popular reasons to make your own vape juice is that it allows you to experiment with flavor combinations. In most cases, when you go to the store to pick up premade e-liquid or vape juice, you are going to be presented with some of the most common and popular flavors.

Now, this makes complete sense from a business standpoint as the individuals that run these businesses do want to stock vape juice that is going to appeal to the most number of customers, but this can limit your selection of flavors. However, if you choose to make your own vape juice at home, you are free to combine all of the flavors that you like in order to create something that is truly unique to you and that will greatly appeal to your own tastes. 

It Allows You To Control Your Nicotine Intake

One of the biggest reasons that many individuals turned to the vaping or e-cigarettes is that it often helps them control their nicotine intake and is often used as a means to quit smoking. The reason for this is that when you utilize vape juice or e-liquid, you can choose to utilize canisters that have less nicotine than you would find in your average cigarette for those individuals that are trying to quit, such as canisters that have as little as a quarter or half of the nicotine content or you can choose to buy canisters with more nicotine in the  if you want a stronger dose. However, if you decide to make your own vape juice, you can further refine and control your nicotine intake because you can choose to include as much or as little nicotine as you like, even to the point were you completely eliminate nicotine if you so desire.

Drop by a local vape shop or browse through an online vape website, like The Vape Mall, in order to take a look at all of the available gear that will allow you to create your own vape juice or e-liquid yourself and to determine if this is a good route for you to take. You will want to make your own vape juice because it allows you to experiment with flavor combinations and to control your nicotine intake.